Top mommy bloggers agree — the You’ve been Sentenced! country music edition is a keeper!

“This game makes learning grammar and sentence construction fun and easy. It is a really fun game and we got a lot of laughs at it! We look forward to playing this again with our friends and family!”

Hanging Off a Wire

“…I liked that this game is for ages 8+; the entire family could play minus the baby. Each player is dealt their cards and the object of the game is to construct sentences with the words on the cards. It’s absolutely hilarious! You are then required to explain what your sentence means, as they sometimes initially make no sense at all! The other players then get to vote on if they think the sentence makes enough sense to earn points. I went easy on the kids as I liked that they were using their words and their minds while having a great time.”

Dollar Monger

“I have been looking for some adult games that are fun to play with other adults when they come over. I have found a fun game that is called You’ve Been Sentenced! Country Edition… With this game I like how there are some many different possibilities that it would be highly unlikely to have the same sentence again. There are 540 cards and over 2,500 words so there are so many different possible sentences. I had a great time with my friends with this game and a great night. If you love games that this is a great game to put in your collection.”

Emmy’s Deals

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